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Red Lotus Lake

If you're planning to visit Udonthani but have no idea where to go yet?? Here you are, get a motorbike with us and explore stunning places and we hope you enjoy your road trip.

Tourism Authority of Thailand invites all to Udon Thani’s ‘Pink Water Lilies Lake’ experience (Red Lotus Lake)

One of Thailand’s most beautiful wetlands is in full bloom from now until March 2021.

The lake covers an area of 22,500 rai (36 sq. km) mostly in Kumphawapi district and parts of Prachaksinlapakhomand Ku Kaeo districts. It provides fresh water for agriculture and local consumption for Thais living around the lake and is considered one of Thailand’s most important wetlands.

The perfect time to see the flowers in full bloom is each morning from 06.00 to 10.00 Hrs. Tourists can hire personal cruise boats to see the pink water lilies up close and enjoy the natural scenery filled with a variety of fish, birds, wildlife and other aquatic life.

Boats for hire are available at the following piers: In Kumphawapi district – Ban Diem, Chiang Wae, Ban Chaelae and Ban Non Nam Yoi. In Prachaksinlapakhom and Ku Kaeo districts, the piers are at Ban Don Kong and Ban Khon Sai, respectively.

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